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Oklahoma State University


FPST Scholarships Awarded

Bill Zolczer Memorial Scholarship
Bob & Chris Giddens Scholarship
BP Scholarship in Fire Protection & Safety Technology
Brian D. Ludden Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Charles Force Fire Protection & Safety Technology Scholarship
Fire Technology Scholarship
Honeywell Fire Safety Scholarship
Pat Brock Scholarship
R.J. Douglas Memorial Endowment Scholarship
Robert K. Andrews Endowed Scholarship
Robert K. Sweet Endowment Scholarship
Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc. Fire Protection & Safety Technology Scholarship
Walter L. Futrell, Sr. Endowed Scholarship
William and Bonnie Beauchamp Scholarship

How to Apply for Scholarships

Incoming Freshmen & Transfer Students

Your OSU admission application serves as your scholarship application. By completing it, and indicating your major as Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology, you will be considered for all scholarships based on eligibility. To be considered for all scholarship opportunities you must submit a completed admission application by February 1.

Continuing Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Current students enrolled full-time in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology must complete a continuing student application to be considered for FPST scholarship support during the following academic year. In order to submit an application, you must attach a copy of your transcript, unofficial or official, that includes your most recent fall grades and enrollment for the spring semester. To be considered for all scholarship opportunities you must submit this application by February 1.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Outside organizations periodically contact us regarding scholarship opportunities for which FPST students are eligible. These scholarships are not handled through the University, and have individual criteria, submission procedures and deadlines to meet. If you have questions about these scholarships please contact the organization indicated on the application. We update this information as it is received so check back often.

For more information on FPST Scholarships, contact:

Sharon Robinson
Administrative Support Specialist
Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology
524 Engineering North
Stillwater, OK 74078
phone: 405.744.5721

For more information on CEAT Scholarships, contact:

Amanda Williams
Scholarship Coordinator
College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology
201 Advanced Technology Research Center
Stillwater, OK 74078
phone: 405.744.2446