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Oklahoma State University

Wang, Qingsheng, PhD, PE, CSP

Dale F. Janes Endowed Professor 
Associate Professor of Fire Protection & Safety 
Graduate Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Office: 523 Engineering North
Phone: 405-744-5508


Dr. Wang is an Associate Professor of Fire Protection & Safety Engineering Technology and Graduate Faculty of Chemical Engineering at OSU. He is the holder of Dale F. Janes Endowed Professorship. He received his BS and MS degrees in Chemistry with Honors from Zhejiang University. He also received his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University with an emphasis in process safety engineering. He is a registered professional engineer and certified safety professional. 

Dr. Wang has worked for Shell as a Technical Safety Engineer in Houston. During his stay at the MKO Process Safety Center at Teaxs A&M, he has been exposed to a variety of industrial projects with Dow Chemical, BP, ExxonMobil etc in TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field. During his tenure at OSU, he was named 2012 Big 12 Faculty Fellow and received 2015 Halliburton Outstanding Young Faculty Award. Professor Wang is a member of the NFPA, AIChE, ASSE, NSC, and ASEE.

Dr. Wang is the author of 40 referred journal papers, 22 proceedings, and 72 technical presentations. He is the ASSE JSHER Editor and on the Editorial Board for 4 journals and the invited reviewer for over 25 journals. Dr. Wang has been the co-chair of Global Congress on Process Safety since 2011. He has received funding from the NSF, NRC, NIOSH, Big 12 Faculty Fellowship, OSU and ASSE Foundation. His research is in process safety, focusing on flame retardants, thermal analysis, fire suppression and risk analysis.

Selected Referred Journal Papers

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